“Heed relationship in your very own culture!”

Of numerous concern this new wisdom off interracial relationships, but indeed, i appear to have an equally big problem which have relationship anywhere between that African culture plus one. Or rather, we possibly may day external our very own community but once referring to marriage we are advised to stay with “our own”.

In general brother place it to me [I am Congolese], “For people who married a good Nigerian, how would your deal in the event the he wished to retire from inside the Nigeria? Contemplate it. I doubt he will have to move back to Congo. You’ll only perish from inside the Nigeria. ”

You will definitely we really point out that relationship was convenient whenever we was in fact having anyone of the same provider?

“No Nigerian, Ghanaian or Jamaican boy was acceptance in my home. When you are attending marry a non-native, get married a white boy.”