Express Industries is the only agent for Baldwin Filters in Egypt

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Baldwin filters are one of the most efficient, quality and hardness filters for heavy equipment, and because Express Industries is interested in providing products of the highest quality, Baldwin filters have been provided in Egypt through its agency, as it is the official and sole agent in Egypt.

About Baldwin Filters…

Baldwin Filters Company has been established in 1936 as one of the American Parker International brand group of companies, specializing in the manufacture of everything related to hydraulic filters and hoses. And from 2001 Express industries is the only agent for Baldwin Filters in Egypt.

Baldwin started as a specialist in providing after-sales service to customers of Parker International, in addition to its maintenance for the engines produced by the company.

Why did you choose Baldwin Filters!!

When Baldwin Filters is mentioned, quality and safety come with it too, and definitely improve the performance of engines of all kinds. This is because it uses the latest research, testing and manufacturing techniques to improve the quality of heavy equipment filters. It also produces long-life filters that last for several years without the slightest damage, which maintains the engine’s working efficiency. It also provides the largest possible number of filters to suit every type of engine around the world.

the only agent for Baldwin Filters in Egypt

Baldwin Filters has many advantages and added values for you to choose from like the highest efficiency, product development, the most skilled consultants and specialists,  the first of their kind to produce self-ventilating valves that drain both fuel and water, the ability to implement and manufacture special types of filters based on the specifications requested by the customer, delivering orders to all parts of the world through its exclusive agents in various countries, in addition to its commitment to the delivery date, and more than it. Which is made it enjoy international quality certificates, starting with product design, through its implementation, and until its delivery.

Maintaining your heavy equipment, its efficiency, and speed of movement is your choice so if you want to save your equipment get your Baldwin Filters that fit your heavy equipment with Express Industries.

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