Express Group .. The Sole parker hoses agent in Egypt


parker hoses agent in Egypt is Express Group, which has distinguished itself since its establishment with its high credibility, transparency and integrity in dealing with customers. The company has assumed the responsibility of providing the finest products to its customers based on international health and safety standards, and it is also interested in providing these products as soon as possible.

Brief information about Express Group

Express Group has been established since 1994 AD, and derives its motto from “the best service and the highest quality”, and it is one of the largest Egyptian companies working in the field of mining, natural gas and oil, in addition to the field of engineering and energy, as well as e-commerce.

Express Group has witnessed a remarkable development in the past decade, as its organizers have been interested in enhancing and developing its capabilities and adding many new contracts to it. Speaking of its achievements, it is worth noting that it has become one of the most important agents for international companies within the Arab Republic of Egypt, and even represents the sole parker hoses agent in Egypt since 2001 AD.

Express Group offers many services, which we briefly mention below:

  • Equipment calibration service.
  • Hydrostatic/ Gas pressure tests.
  • Equipment rental.
  • Engineering services.
  • Repair and Maintenance services.
  • Inspection.

Partners of Express Group

Express Group started its journey bearing the name “Express Supply”, which specialized in the supply of industrial materials for oil fields, and with the passage of time it expanded to include seven companies under one roof, and became the exclusive agent for the following brands:

  • parker hoses agent in Egypt.
  • Resato.
  • ESI.
  • STIKO.
  • Baldwin Filter USA.
  • Racor Filters.
  • Wright tools USA.
  • FP Diesel.
  • Band-IT.
  • FMC Corporation.
  • Argo Hytos.
  • Snap- Tite
  • Exco Filters.
  • Peco.

parker hoses agent in Egyp

Why do we deal with parker hoses agent in Egypt ?

The history of the global Parker Hoses brand spans more than 103 years, and during that period it has proven its worth and deserves to be crowned at the top of the hose industry in the whole world, as it has contributed to overcoming many global crises with firmness and perseverance.

Perhaps it is worth noting that the Parker Hoses Co. has made critical contributions since the start of the outbreak of the pandemic COVID-19, and this is the approach taken by parker hoses agent in Egypt, in addition to the following advantages:

  • Providing all kinds of products of Parker Hoses brand.
  • The safest.
  • The highest quality.
  • The best price.
  • Many branches.
  • High reliability.
  • Fastest delivery.
  • Continuous service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Outstanding customer service and quick problem solving.

Advantages of parker hoses brand

Parker hoses brand is one of the leading manufacturers of hoses in the world, offering the following advantages and specifications:

  • Flexible or rigid hoses.
  • Hydraulic and industrial hoses.
  • Provides hose fittings and all fittings that the customer may need.
  • The latest technology is used to produce superior quality materials.
  • Interested in continuous development to keep pace with global growth.
  • Make sure to use non-perishable materials in the long run.
  • All of its products conform to international standards for quality and safety.
  • Offers abrasion resistant products made of strong rubber.
  • It offers products made of silicon PVC that are light in weight and has superior flexibility.
  • It has hoses specially made to withstand high temperatures, and it is one of the most common types imported by parker hoses agent in Egypt due to the constant demand for it.
  • Offers hoses with various caps to suit customer needs such as “standard caps, strong caps, or extra-rigid caps”.
  • Its products withstand constant work pressures as they are made with a durability starting from 1,000 psi and up to 6000 psi
  • The possibility of providing any product that is not already manufactured within the company’s actual products, according to the specifications requested by the customer and of the highest possible quality.
  • Parker hoses are specially made to double the life of industrial impulse.
  • The company manufactures products that accept long-time operation safely, which allows delivering orders in the least possible time.
  • Providing what is known as “Push-Lok” for the difficult task of medical facilities.
  • The company and its sole parker hoses agent in Egypt aspires in the coming period to provide the best quality food and beverage hose.

Express Group’s previous work

Express Group was able to participate in many projects with its experience and skill, and was able to implement them with utmost accuracy and to the fullest, and the most prominent of these projects are the following:

  • Project Name: New Capital Power Planet (4800 M-W).
  • Project Name: Burullus Power Planet (4800 M-W).
  • Project Name: Beni Suef Combined Cycle Power Planet (4800 M-W).

Details of all previous projects are as follows:

  • Date of cooperation and implementation: parker hoses agent in Egypt started the project at 2017/ 2018 AD Till 2019 AD.
  • Target customer: Siemens AG & Siemens Technology EG.
  • The offered service: Providing engineering service, necessary tests and inspections, in addition to providing the project with pipelines and supplying all mechanical hoses and devices, as well as project flowing connections.
  • Project Name: New West Damietta Power Planet – North Giza – Banhaa Power Planet.
  • Date of cooperation and implementation: Started at 2016 AD Till 2017 AD.
  • Target customer: General Electric.
  • The offered service: Installing all hoses and pipes for the project, supplying the necessary equipment to operate it, as well as testing and checking the project according to safety standards and preparing it in terms of flow connections.

How do we contact parker hoses agent in Egypt?

The sole parker hoses agent in Egypt is Express Group, and you can contact the company through the following methods:

  • Visit the official headquarters of the company entitled: 3rd Settlement, Industrial Zone 1000 Factories area St. No. 1100, Plot- No. 409, New Cairo City – Egypt.
  • Contact through phone numbers: +01277701777 – +202 25732521.
  • Inquiries through customer service by E-mail:
  • Preview the products by visiting the address: 3rd Settlement, Industrial Zone 1000 Factories area St. No. 590 from 1100 Plot-No. 197 New Cairo City – Egypt.
  • Product order through E-mail:

Finally, we would like to note that Express Group is the sole parker hoses agent in Egypt, and in order to enjoy these distinguished products, you must contact us, and we are honored to follow up on all that is new on the company’s social media pages via Facebook and Twitter.

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