Cummins Agent in Egypt


Egyptian International Motors (EiM) is Cummins Agent in Egypt to sell, distribute and service the Cummins products in Egypt. EiM provides a full range of power system solutions for various applications and businesses. These applications diversify from industrial and agriculture use to tourism, health care facilities, poultry, telecommunication, water desalination, treatment stations, petroleum, and mining; as well as backup power systems for residential and mission-critical applications such as data centers and power-generating plants.

All you need to know About Cummins Agent in Egypt…

Cummins Agent in Egypt provides a wide range of electrical services, ranging from 17 to 3750kVA (diesel& gas-fueled) generating sets; in addition to automatic transfer switches (ATS), paralleling switchgear, components, and services in prime and standby power. We also deliver fuel systems, sound-attenuated and weatherproof enclosures, and a complete array of services and solutions, varying from long-term operation and maintenance contracts, remote monitoring systems, turnkey and temporary power solutions to meet the needs of a diversified customer base.

All the Cummins main components are manufactured by a single source, dubbed ‘the Power of One or ‘the Power of Cummins’. These components include Engine (Cummins), Alternator (Stamford), Control Panel (PCC), Fuel System, Turbocharger, and Fuel Filtration, ensuring consistency and harmony to eventually satisfy customers.

From advanced diesel and natural gas engines to fleet management apps, real-time data insights, and over-the-air software updates, Cummins Agent in Egypt innovates so you can conquer the day this is what Express groups company is doing on a larger scale in Egypt.

Cummins Agent in Egypt

About Express Groups…

To find Express Groups products with the same efficiency as Cummins Agent products in Egypt…

Express Group in Egypt Agent can provide all products you’ll need which launched in the

Egyptian market in 1994.

Since its inception, Express Groups has specialized in mining, natural gas, and oil, in addition to

Its participation in several other fields such as energy, engineering, and e-commerce.

In 1997, Express Group’s dream became to expand and become an exclusive agent for several

International companies, and with rapid steps, it actually started to achieve this step in 1998, when it

Obtained the first power of attorney from Baldwin International Filters Company.

The struggle of Express Groups continued until it was able to be the first and last agent for Parker

Hydraulic Hoses in 2001.

And since it is a Baldwin agent now, you can find everything you need for heavy equipment, and Express

The group will provide all your needs.


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