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Baldwin filters agent in Egypt was the first in the Egyptian market when it was acquired by Express Groups that was interested in providing the finest filter materials, which were specially manufactured with the aim of protecting equipment and engines of all kinds for as long as possible.

Baldwin filters agent in Egypt – Express Groups

Express Groups – the sole Baldwin filters agent in Egypt – was launched in the Egyptian market since 1994 AD, and its beginning was as a company specialized in providing equipment and tools for mining, natural gas and petroleum fields, as well as e-commerce and engineering construction.

With the passage of time, the main goal of the company became to expand its fields, develop its activity, and obtain many exclusive agencies for the first time in the Arab Republic of Egypt, and this is what it has already pursued and has been achieving step by step over the years.

Exclusive agencies of Express Groups

The idea of ​​expansion started in 1997 AD when Express Groups decided not to be limited to the local product and to become an exclusive agent for the most famous international brands.

Soon it started implementing the move and got a power of attorney from “Baldwin Filters” in 1998 AD to be the first and the only Baldwin filters agent in Egypt.

With its extensive experience and transparency, it was able to become an exclusive agent for “Parker Hydraulic Hoses” in the year 2001 AD.

Express Groups did its best to achieve the lead in obtaining an agency for the American company “Wright Tools”, and actually achieved this in 2006 AD.

Not only that, but also included in its group the company “Exco“, which it established in the United States of America, New Jersey, in 2008 AD.

In 2009, the German company “Matador Tools” specialized in the manufacture of industrial equipment was included in its agencies.

By 2010 AD the Express Groups decided to establish “IEPS Company” to provide its services on a larger scale.

With the beginning of 2011 AD, the company obtained an exclusive power of attorney for the products of “RESATO” company, and in 2012 AD it contracted with the “STIKO” and “ESI” brands.

In 2014 AD, it expanded to include the agency of “SARA” company, and finally in 2018 AD it obtained the agency of “Parker Brand” company for all its exclusive products such as Tube Fittings, Thermoplastic Hoses and Quick Coupling Hydraulic, and also including the agency of “Racor Filtration” brand.

Express Group Baldwin filters agent in Egypt

Evolution of Baldwin Filters Company

Express Groups was keen to obtain an exclusive Baldwin filters agent in Egypt, from Baldwin Filters Company that has been founded in 1936 AD, under a subsidiary of the Parker International brand, which provides after-sales service for Parker engines for its maintenance.

In 1953 AD, the company expanded and built a central factory in Nebraska and during the period between 1963 AD and 1981 AD, the demand for its products became very high, which prompted it to expand its activity and purchase the JL Clark factory and annexed it to its sway.

Baldwin Filters continued its expansion and added a technical center specialized in research related to the manufacture and testing of filters with investments exceeding millions of dollars. After that, it became famous and opened many branches in Australia, Europe, Morocco, Mexico, South Africa and China.

By 1995 AD, it added to its group a third location in the United States of America for the manufacture of filters, and it also produces filters for cars. By the beginning of 2016 AD, Baldwin Filters had achieved wide fame in all countries of the world as an integrated company that combines the manufacture and distribution of the finest filters worldwide.

Why do we use Baldwin Filters?

When factory, companies, and cars owners also ask why we choose Baldwin Filters’ products from Baldwin filters agent in Egypt, the answer is inevitably summarized as follows:

  • Baldwin Filters is interested in improving and developing the quality of products first hand.
  • It also uses the latest technologies in the manufacture of filters such as stereoscopic 3D CAD technology.
  • It produces filters that have a long life and are not easily damaged.
  • Offers different products to the market to suit the needs and uses of all customers.
  • It always strives to provide Baldwin filters agent in Egypt with modern and innovative designs through which it obtains patents, and this is what actually happened when it launched self-ventilating valves to drain fuel and water.
  • It controls the production of the product according to what the customer needs in order to meet all the needs.
  • It also manufactures the components used in manufacturing the filter from the finest materials.
  • It adheres to international standards in terms of quality, durability and occupational safety, making it one of the most prominent companies with international quality certificates.

Express Group Baldwin filters agent in Egypt

Most Popular Baldwin Filters Products

Baldwin Filters floods the global market with many brilliant products, which Baldwin filters agent in Egypt can offer within the following categories:

  • Air Filters and Elements.
  • Cabin Air Filters.
  • Coolant Filters and Accessories.
  • Crank-case Ventilation (CCV) Filters
  • Engine Air Filter Elements
  • Fuel Filter, Accessories, Elements and Replacement Parts
  • Hydraulic Filter, Elements and Replacement Parts.
  • Lubrication Oil Filters and Elements.
  • Service Kits.
  • Transmission Filters and Elements.

How to order from Baldwin filters agent in Egypt?

The only way to order products is through the exclusive Baldwin filters agent in Egypt, which is Express Groups, and you can communicate through the following methods:

  • Via ordering E-mail:
  • Contact with customer services via E-mail:
  • Via phone numbers: +202 25732521 – +01277701777.
  • Visit the Website:
  • Visit headquarters of the company: 3rd Settlement, Industrial Zone – 1000 Factories area – St. No. 1100, Plot- No. 409, New Cairo City – Egypt.

In conclusion, do not hesitate to get your favorite products and protect your engines with high-quality filters, just contact Express Groups the only Baldwin filters agent in Egypt and we will reach you wherever you are and as quickly as possible.

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