Express Groups .. The sole fp engine spare parts agent in Egypt


fp engine spare parts agent in Egypt is – exclusively – Express Groups which has been established since 1994 AD, in order to become the only Egyptian window on the most famous international companies specialized in the manufacture of heavy equipment, spare parts, filters, hoses and much more, as it hides under its sway many exclusive agencies for the greatest companies that have obtained international quality certificates, to make it easier for Egyptian customers to acquire everything they need to build and manage their factories and projects from the finest raw materials and original brands that conform to the highest quality standards.

Exclusive fp engine spare parts agent in Egypt

Express Groups has tried in various ways to include fp engine spare parts agent in Egypt with its agencies and it has already succeeded recently and got that head start, thus becoming the owner of more than fifteen exclusive agencies, we can mention the most important of them through the following points:

  • Parker Hydraulic Hoses: It has a two-stage power of attorney, where the first was in 2001 AD, and the second was in 2018 AD as a general agent for the brand altogether.
  • RESATO: The official and exclusive power of attorney has been obtained since 2011 AD.
  • ESI & STIKO: Both agencies were signed in 2012 AD to become the sole Egyptian agent for both of them.
  • Baldwin Filter USA: It is the first exclusive agency signed by Express Groups with the American company in 1998 AD.
  • Racor Filters: It is one of the agencies of the Parker Brand that has been agreed upon since 2018 AD.
  • Wright tools USA: Express Groups cooperated with the American company in 2006 AD and became its exclusive agent in the Arab Republic of Egypt.
  • Express Groups has acquired many other global agencies within the previous decade such as “ fp engine spare parts agent in Egypt , Band-IT, FMC Corporation, Argo Hytos, Snap- Tite Peco” and seeks to sign more in the coming days.

fp engine spare parts agent in Egypt

What we should know about FP Diesel Brand

It is one of the international companies that signed an exclusive fp engine spare parts agent in Egypt with Express Groups, which is considered one of the leading companies in the field of engines and spare parts, as it was keen to implement the following:

  • Keeping abreast of the latest modern technologies that the world is reaching for.
  • It has received many awards for its efforts to improve and develop its products better and faster than its counterparts in the same field.
  • Provides distinguished and quick solutions to any problem that may face the engines with all its accessories.
  • It is always interested in conducting multiple and thoughtful tests in order to raise the level of the product in a way that maintains its credibility and transparency.
  • It repairs and treats engine defects in accordance with the needs of global and local markets.
  • Relying on the most skilled professional and engineering staff to manufacture products free of any technical or industrial defects, in addition to renewing ideas based on their renewable information that is in line with the latest trends in the world of design and engineering.
  • Dealing with all countries of the world and striving to deliver products to anywhere in the shortest possible time and at the best cost.

FP Diesel Brand and its credibility strategy

Perhaps one of the reasons for the success of fp engine spare parts agent in Egypt is that the parent brand – FP Diesel – is always keen to combine quality and credibility, and by talking about the advantages of its products that it pledged to present to the world, we find them as follows:

  • Develop unprecedented engineering designs that achieve what users in various countries desire.
  • Providing spare parts that prevent leakage and have the ability to withstand severe working pressure.
  • Special metals are used in the manufacture of their products so that they have a long shelf life, bear the burden and operate with the highest possible efficiency.
  • It also uses the finest types of external coatings, which generally resist rust and damage.
  • It guarantees the user to have high-quality and durable products that will last for several years without the need for renewal or repair.
  • It operates with unrivaled transparency, as it puts on each resort the number of operating hours that it was specifically manufactured to withstand, as well as the environment in which it operates and all its details.

The most prominent products launched by FP Diesel

fp engine spare parts agent in Egypt is interested in providing all FP Diesel Brand products, which are spread in the global markets, of which we list the most important, most popular and most in demand within the following list:

  • Engine Kits.
  • Cylinder Components.
  • Engine Bearings.
  • Gaskets & Seals.
  • Valve-train & Camshafts.
  • Fuel System Components.
  • Lubrication System Components.
  • Cooling System Components.

The easiest way to get FP Diesel Brand products

The easiest and only way to get original products from FP Diesel International brand is to contact Express Groups, the official and sole fp engine spare parts agent in Egypt, through one of the following methods:

  • Visit the official headquarters of the company at the address: 3rd Settlement, Industrial Zone – 1000 Factories area – St. No. 1100, Plot- No. 409, New Cairo City – Egypt.
  • Contact by phone to order products through the numbers: +01277701777 – +202 25732521.
  • Send an email with your request to the Order Center:
  • Communicate with the company’s service center via e-mail:
  • To keep up to date with all that is new, please visit the official website of the company:

In the conclusion of our article, we mentioned that the exclusive fp engine spare parts agent in Egypt is Express Groups, which enables you to order the finest international products with ease within the Arab Republic of Egypt to receive them as soon as possible and wherever you are, so take the initiative to get the best products at all to avoid the Non-original spare parts damage and the constant need for renewal.

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